How does the area around your sink look? Some stray hairs, a smudge of industrial strength mega brand toothpaste at the bottom of the basin? A peeling sliver of ultra deodorized soap?  Maybe a razor from one of those cheap shave clubs that are all the rage.  Chuck them all.  Start over and make your washing area just as stylish and classic as the rest of your outfit…..she’ll thank you for it…………

1. Marvis Amorelli Licorice Toothpaste:

The Firenze firm (started ages a go by an Italian Count) has been a favorite of the jetset and leggy model types for years.  Don’t let the licorice throw you off. Minty undertones and a tingle that stays with you all day. The beautiful packaging itself is worth the price of admission. $6.00


Marvis Amarelli Licorice toothpaste


2.  Swissco Tortoise shell toothbrushes:

Natural fibers and an elegant classic tortoise frame add elegance to even the most meager of bathrooms. A tiny luxury with a big statement.  $4.99



3.  Marvis Mouthwash

This stuff is concentrated so mixing is required.  A wonderful light taste with no chemically undertones.  Did we mention that the bottle is pretty incredible looking? $22.50mouthwash__15537.1410876076.1280.1280


4.  Musgo Real Lime Basil Shaving Cream:

We’ve been using the original Musgo Real scent for ages and found it hard to break away from something so classic.  Lime Basil is a nice change of pace and still retains the rich lather that Musgo products are known for. We love the fact that it’s made in Portugal by the same family that started all those years a go. $15.00



5.  Taylor of Old Bond Street Edwardian Style Razor in ivory: 

Taylor of Old Bond Street have been providing apothecary items to British royalty for ages.  We think that their (imitation) ivory Edwardian razor has a beautiful weight and just exudes a timeless elegance. $164.00



6.  Musgo Real Classic Scent Soap (on a rope)

It’s tough to beat the classics and soap on a rope jokes aside, this one is a clean and manly scent.  Not drenched in perfumes or detergents, just right. We like to think this is what Cary Grant would smell like (yes, we know he wore Aqua di Parma aftershave- this would be his soap) . $12.50.



7.  Mason Pearson Junior Brush

It’s a Mason Pearson. Everyone know how fantastic they are.  The Junior is our favorite size and the boar and nylon mix work wonders. Of course it’s made in England and has been for ages. $170.00


8.  Taylor of Old Bond Street Travel Set

Don’t forget your nails.  No one wants to see  jagged, splintered claws at the end of a hand.  Solid British stainless steel implements in a beautiful tan zip case. $120.00



9.  Imperial Black Toiletry Tool Roll

Handmade and inspired by classic motorcycle tool rolls. Waxed canvas and a leather strap with orange signature stitching.  A simple and perfect way to take your show on the road. $65.00