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It’s August and the lads at the Italian workshop have packed it in for the month and are hitting the islands down south or cooling their heels in the Dolomites. Before everyone became decidedly scarce we grabbed 3 rolls of fabric that we just had to have and want to give you first dibs when the studio opens again in September.  We have enough fabric for about 26 shirts of each so it is definitely first come first serve.

  1. Plummy– A decadent autumn weight fabric done in a plum coloured check. We will make 23 of these.

  1. Marylebone- strangely enough our first herringbone shirt  and in a rich blue fabric. Really a perfect business shirt but interesting enough to stand on its own with a pair of dark denim.  We will be making 26 of these.

  1. Bianco French Cuff- The Bianco shirt is by far our most popular and really is the perfect white shirt. Many of you have asked for a french cuff for more formal occasions.  Here it is in all its beauty. We will be doing 28 of these.

We are excited to offer our first pre- order program for Imperial Collection shirts and hope you will take us up on the offer to not only get in front of the pack but to save a nice chunk in doing so! Due to our ultra limited run pre-orders will close midnight August 28th. If you find yourself without a shirt please email us and we will put you in the lottery. Good Luck.

Luxury mens shirts Imperial Black made in Italy