We came to Italy originally seeking craftsmen and true artists to make our clothing.  Time spent in Italy over the years has brought us great pleasure and appreciation for specific local flavors and ways of doing things indicative to place.  The coastline of Puglia holds one of our favorite spots to enjoy the freshest local seafood and prepared by the most dedicated of people.  Down by the sea from the blindingly beautiful town of Ostuni “the white city”  sits Miramare da Michele.  The perfect place for a long, boozy lunch by the quay at Torre S Sabina.





Miramare da Michele


  The kitchen is filled with just the right sort.  Women who someone undoubtedly calls “Zia” with fond affection…….A shotgun burst of Italian and we are at the table.  Our host already ordering some good Puglian whites to slake our thirst.  The wine is grand and a hot plate of Fritto Misto is quickly pounced upon as we munch away and gaze out at the water.  We talk motorbikes, cashmere, families, business and women.  An ongoing conversation that started years a go.    I’m achingly aware of how poor my Italian is, even after all this time…..  Still, I know what I’m here for.  What has been on my mind since we decided to head down to this lovely stretch of coast.  It’s the lobster.  Served with Orechiette in Cuttlefish ink and fresh from local waters….



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Miramara is the perfect place to sit and listen to the hum of activity from both kitchen and patrons.  To see the friendship’s born and nurtured in such a place.  Plates come and go with all manner of beautiful things from the sea.  By the end everyone seems to harbor the same glow of contentment.  Plans are made for a walk a long the coast, or a visit to the nature preserve.  All lies for we know in an hours time we will be dozing on top of crisp white sheets with the ceiling fan making lazy gyrations above…..




Miramare da Michele, Via della Torre 3, Torre San Sabina, Carovigno (+3933-8243 0001; www.miramaredamichele.it). Osteria delle Travi “Il Buco”, Largo Chyurlia 12, Bari.


images courtesy of Miramare da Michele