At this point we are unsure if our Guzzi lust has moved from beyond the realms of mere obsession to something else entirely.  Despite the fact that we have been left on windy mountain passes, rain soaked beaches, and sun blasted motorway medians by our obsession we continue to return.  A jilted lover who far too often has found themselves on the wrong end of things.  Still, there is nothing quite as soulful as a Guzzi under throttle and it is for this that we continue to come back to those proud cylinder heads.

   Guzzis outside that beautifully anachronistic factory in Mandello del Lario.  A village and company pilgrimage worthy.



         There are worse places to make motor bikes. Mandello del Lario


    The iconic V8 




  A new take on things


         The original V7 

The original v7


The Famous Davida Zagato girl


                One of Revival Cycles amazing projects. 1978 Le Mans Mark 1




         Those unmistakable cylinder heads


   A Lemans in good nick

One of Rosso Puro’s beauties

   Imperial Black’s v11 after one crash but before the big one.