Obsessions: Classic Women

There is something about a truly timeless and classic beauty that speaks to a man of any age.  When we look at our shirting material, luxury leather goods, and other accoutrements we are massively influenced by southern Europe in the ’60s.  Who wouldnt want to be checking into a grand Antibes hotel, an heirloom leather piece in the Jag, and one of these beauties on your well tailored arm?   Dispense with the tawdriness of the pretty faces of the moment and set your sights on someone much more worthy of adulation. These are the women we love. Then, now, and always.

Monica Vitti

        Monica Vitti


        Verna Lissi

Catherine Deneauve 


          Charlotte Rampling


Francoise Hardy


          Claudia Cardinale


Julie Christie

     Jane Birkin


Ursula Andress

     Sophia Loren






    Brit Ekland

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