At Imperial Black we chose our partners carefully.  The luxury of a long heritage gives a certain confidence, an obsessiveness to detail leads to a beautiful quality, a willingness to relentlessly pursue unparalleled ingredients insures a superiority.

Musgo Real Soap

In 1887  two German immigrants, Ferdinand Claus and Georges Ph. Sweder, started making soaps and perfumes in a factory in Porto.  The products were of such good quality, the factory received a visit from King Dom Manuel II.  World War I was in full swing when the two Germans found the need to leave their beloved factory and the company is sold to the factory accountant Achilles de Brito.  The new owner changes the name to Claus Porto and begins producing the most luxurious of soaps.  Sparing no attention to detail, packages are hand printed while the soaps remain hand milled.



“Everything is true, vintage, genuine and authentic” as Director Jose Fernandez has said.  This is what we hold dear at Imperial Black.  The obsessiveness to detail, the nod to a beautiful history, and the willingness to use materials of unsurpassed quality.  We are quite proud of our partnership with Claus Porto and feel that the Musgo Real line marks the pinnacle of what a true modern gent requires as part of his daily ritual.  The shaving creams have a wonderful lushness, and the soaps are lightly scented in the most natural of ways.  The Classic scent reminds me of my father and is hard to beat when it comes to a timelessness married with the modern.


With the classic scent come the new: Lime Basil, Oak Moss, Lavender, Orange Amber, and Spiced Citrus



Musgo_Real_shaving_Cream__18746.1357446116.1280.12801For our full line of Musgo Real goods check out our Necessary Kit page.

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