There are certain articles of clothing that we go back to again and again until they become a part of who we are, a part of our very make up.  For once we aren’t going on about our glorious shirts but are turning our ever so discerning gaze to our feet.  When not shod in our favorite pair of C & J brogues or driving far too fast in something light from Firenze, we tend to spend a fair bit of time mucking about.  In the paddock, in upland game territory, or re-planting the cuttings garden.  Just as long as it’s outside.



We have worn Le Chameau Chasseurs for ages and are constantly amazed at the comfort and quality that goes into each pair.  Born in Normandy, in 1927 and arguably the king of rubber boots.  Each pair remains hand made and goes through a 150 step process by a skilled “maitre bottier” who trains for 9 months until ready.









Utilizing natural rubber, and lined with the highest quality full-grain, glove-soft calf leather there is reason that they are called the aristocrat of boots.  It probably doesn’t hurt that Prince Harry is a devotee  as is his Sister In Law.  We just think of them as a true gentleman’s field boot.




Marco-Pierre-White in true woods to table form


Images courtesy of Le Chameau