As you know we are a bit of a sucker for an interesting woman.  Add a wealth of travel, a penchant for vintage Pucci, the work of Slim Aarons, and a knack for showing up at just the right bolt hole in just the right locale and you have Jules Reid. We can’t think of a more fitting partner as we lounge through the summer resort circuit hand in hand.

Jules Reid and Imperial Black luxury shirtsJ.R. and all those colours

Jules Reid dress designer

Teggy French Jules Reid for Imperial Black luxury shirts

Teggy French poolside in Palm Beach

Think fabled gathering places on Capri, the villa of a countess on Sardinia. Hiding out in Mustique’s Cotton House, holding court poolside at one of the East Coast’s grand hotels and you begin to get what the attraction is all about.


Cinque Terre by Gray Malin

Jules Reid Teggy French for Imperial Black luxury shirts

We inhabit the world of our own creation. Our little jet set sartorial nirvana with both people and places that connect and resonate. Landscapes and individuals that inspire to no end.  Our world is tinged with echoes of long-gone Braniff flights, classic women of a certain station. A riot of colour, swirl, and pattern set against the coming, jasmine scented dark of a tropical night. This is how things should be. This is how it is…

Jules Reid for Imperial Black luxury shirts


Tania Mallet by Slim Aarons


We are incredibly excited to be working with Jules Reid and her girls. Collaborations, joint events, and an astonishing amount of travel will be coming in short order. We are thrilled to dream our collective world into existence. Stay tuned and book that flight (or charter that boat).

Jules Reid for Imperial Black luxury shirts

Imperial Black mens luxury shirts


Special thanks to Jules Reid and Teggy French for imagery.