It’s hard to imagine a more idyllic country from the air. That moment of the final descent, as one drops through the clouds, the much lauded patchwork of greens and browns coming into view. A smattering of rain on the fuselage as both ancient fields and forest appear, a delineation by motorway, hedge lined lanes, ambling streams, and roman walls.  Home…..



Landscapes affect us in a tremendous number of ways.  A particular, well loved landscape taking on new meaning as we move through life.  Significant life events being mirrored by a cairn, a brook, a wind swept summit or a hazy coast line.  The South Downs mark the ambles and dreams of youth while the fells of the North West act as embarkation point for a lifelong romance with high places, of desires flung further afield.




Despite an ever expanding travel gyre there is something immensely compelling about the soft folds of home and our hidden history within.  How can such landscapes not permeate all that we do?