We are picky bastards to shop for.  So much so that we created our own line of shirts in order to find the perfect shirt with no compromises. Following is our list of things that we have picked up along the way. Objects we use every day and pieces sure to please the picky bastard in your life..

1. Travel pouch in marine orange. ipad mini ready.

Imperial Black orange travel pouch for Ipad mini
















2. Signature Imperial Black pocket Moleskine

Moleskine journal cahier red Imperial Black















3. The Perfect White Shirt.  Numbered editions, hand tailored in Italy.

The perfect shirt Imperial Black mens luxury lifestyle





















4. Chocolate & Orange Paisley Square

paisley pocket square in brown and orange

5. The Nomad belt. handmade in NC. Horween leather

horween leather belt mens















6. The Perfect Fuck You sock in Plink

funky mens sock purple



















7. The best shirt that’s a boxer.

the perfect boxer shorts


















8.  Mason Pearson Brush- The Classic

Mason Pearson brush



















9.  Taylor’s of Old Bond Street Razor


Taylors of Old Bond Street razor

10. Our Monza Carbon Fiber wallet. petrolhead approved.

carbon fiber wallet black mens