You might have noticed by now that we tend to make our luxury goods available only when the mood strikes us and never for any reason as base as a need for commerce. Yes, we certainly can go down the rabbit hole of our own whims (incidentally our rabbit warrens are populated by all the best sorts, with the grandest travel tales, the comfiest of club chairs, and the best Scotch) and tend to come up for air only every so often. Yet, despite our flakiness, we do love to listen to what our dear customers have to say and often even act on such suggestions…..

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We’ve been a semi- busy lot this late Winter and in between chasing virtually non-existent powder days on the continent, posing at Pitti Uomo, and generally lazing about catching up on reading we’ve managed to get back in the workshop for some earnest movement on our next batch of ultra limited shirting….with some new twists courtesy of customer #7398A (That’s you, Harold). H, as his wife can attest is a bit of a lazy sod. At times, our much lauded three button cuff is just a bit too much for him to manage and if we are being honest with ourselves one doesn’t always need the power that such a cuff exudes.

May we present our new Deyrolle cuff. Simple, to the point, yet with enough detail to satisfy all that you shirt boffins have come to expect.


  • Horizontal two button closure

  • Mitered edge

  •  Softer hand

  • Less lengthy gauntlet

  • Heavy weight mother of pearl buttons

  • Signature orange stitch button hole


Cuff sorted, we begin to think of the rest of the piece. As we don’t make many of these we get the luxury of fiddling with things, of tinkering and taking away. Of long wintry Venetian walks discussing the merits of the correct flow of the shirt. We know that we have a fantastic thing with the fit of our shirts and we don’t want to chuck that all away just because H tends to have problems with buttons. You can’t very well stuff our beautifully sculpted sleeve into any old cuff configuration. Steps must be taken, all in the name of aesthetic purity (Plus we really really like hanging out in Northern Italy). But much like a golf swing, a fly cast, or a significant other…One thing is changed and it throws something else off. In this case, it was our signature collar which you lot keep telling us is pretty fucking perfect. Still, A collar that asserts itself as ours might not be the best match for our newly relaxed cuff. More tinkering and the collar becomes lowered a wee bit, the spread becomes slightly lessened, and suddenly collar and cuff become one with I dare say the most beautiful fabrics we have yet to toil over. Think of our new Deyrolle collar as you, just a bit more louche…The relaxed you with two Dark N Stormy’s in you. The Deyrolle still takes a tie wonderfully and definitely holds its own under a v neck, but it just begs to be worn open…Ready and awaiting the warming breezes of Spring and all the possibilities it has to offer.



Our Deyrolle collars and cuffs will be available for pre-order only. Three beautiful fabrics with only 25 made of each.  Details will be forthcoming.  If you haven’t done so it is highly recommended that you sign up for our Black List to reserve your spot…..

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