While heist movies tend to center around the interplay between men in the gang lets not forget the women of the genre. Sometimes set pieces, at times partners in crime, other times criminal masterminds. These are the classics:

Margaret Blye: The Italian Jobclassic women swinging 60's Margaret Blye

Michael Caine The Italian Job Imperial Black Luxury shirts

Faye Dunaway: The Thomas Crown Affair

Faye-Dunaway-faye-dunaway-Thomas Crown Affair

Steve McQueen The Thomas Crown Affair for Imperial Black luxury shirts

Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore: Goldfinger


Honor Blackman and Sean Connery in James Bond film Goldfinger (1964)

Ali Macgraw: The Getaway

Ali-MacGraw- classic women for Imperial Black luxury shirts

Ali Macgraw Steve Mcqueen the heist for Imperial Black Luxury clothing

Audrey Hepburn: How to Steal a Million

Audrey Hepburn, how to steal a million for IMPERIAL BLACK luxury clothing

peter-o-toole-audrey-hepburn- for Imperial Black luxury clothing

Tania Mallet: Goldfinger

Tania Mallett Goldfinger Sean Connery

Sean Connery Goldfinger for Imperial Black luxury clothing