American Bar, The Savoy, London


Chief barkeep Erik Lorincz (who looks a bit like Errol Flynn) presides over this iconic bar tucked into the lobby of the recently refurbished Savoy hotel. The gleaming, neo-Deco decor is a nod to its heyday, when iconic bartender Harry Craddock (author of The Savoy Cocktail Book) ran the show and invented the White Lady, a house signature made with gin, orange liqueur, lemon juice and egg white. Born in England, Craddock emigrated to America, where he learned the cocktail trade. He returned to Britain when Prohibition hit, and American Bar earned its name for the newfangled way of drinking Craddock and company imported from the United States. The Strand; 44-2/7836-4343;

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  1. Eric

    Delilah, it’s quite tart, actually. A sweet drink wdloun’t do for a dragon. Of course, it has to be green!Bertha Lum was one of the first American woodblock printers whose works I saw.