Cooler Autumn nights and an oyster roast with friends and neighbors seem to go hand in hand.  Here’s our favorite way to get those sumptuous bivalves hot and in your hand….don’t forget the beer.





Here’s how we do it:

Supplies• 4 cinder blocks • 1 large sheet of steel, about 4 feet square • Lots of dry split wood, plus kindling • 1 burlap bag or 2 old bath towels • A 5-gallon bucket filled with water • 1 metal shovel • 1 pair work gloves per person, or old kitchen towels (to protect hands while shucking) • 1 oyster knife per person • 1 bushel unshucked oysters or more depending on number of guestsStep by step• Create a level, well-swept clearing on the ground and stand the cinder blocks upright so that they form the corners of a rectangle to support the metal sheet. Lay the metal over the cinder blocks and test it to make certain it is secure. • Remove the metal sheet and build a fire in the center of the cinder blocks. When the fire is roaring, place the metal squarely on the cinder blocks. Dunk the burlap bag in the pail of water. • When a handful of water tossed on the metal sizzles, place 2 to 3 shovels-full of oysters on it and blanket them with the soaked burlap. Let oysters steam for about 5 minutes or until some, but not all, have opened, then remove burlap and return it to the water bucket. Shovel oysters off the metal and onto a table for shucking. • When guests have nearly devoured the first batch, begin the second batch. When all the oysters have been steamed, you can douse the fire with any water left in the pail.


  • img_0849Serve the oysters with Pepper Vinegar, horse radish, and cocktail sauce. . Also consider setting out saltines, various types of hot sauce, several rolls of paper towels and, of course, cold beer. Very cold beer.